What is Android Go and Why Should You Know

Android is a software used on all smartphone. Google had launched a software called Andriod. It makes our life smarter and greater. Mostly by this time Google has fixed to launch a new updated version of Android called Android Go. it’s a big deal which makes powerful for all Android users.

Android Go is the smartest thing in Google it can do more benefits for next billions smartphones users. Android is a strategy learned in Google Especially it will let more space in smartphones.

Experience in Android

Android Revolution is widely spread by all people nowadays. Experienced people who were going to buy a new android phone have limited budgets in developing the regions only on computers. Since most of the people wish to buy budgeted smartphones at low cost.

Due to low cost, the space of smartphones will be small. The Android main purpose is to get more spaces on small space smartphones. Seems 512MB to 1GB it helps to run those type platform smoothly. Google helps to develop more application sequence.

Google App

It has optimized its own apps such as Youtube, Chrome, and Gboard. It can be used by little data as possible with the expensive virtual keyboard it has updated to support multiple languages. When a device ships with Andriod Go the application will be lightened and it helps to use fewer data.

And also if the apps used in Android phones also remains to compress OS but it does not ask to update every time. Seems it lead to saving battery life in a better way. Android Go is about controlling more software Updates and make device Leaner and more sufficient. In addition, Google plays store users automatically highlight the bandwidth apps.

Probably there is the more Android user in India compared to the U.S. It’s very surprising and the subcontinent has populated over 1.3 billion customers with Android Go.

When will Android GO Launches

Hence when Android goes launcher introduce Android O will also be launched. But the lower end device will be launch to get And also the branch Android O will also be updated.

Android Go offers

  • To get smooth and efficiency in smartphones.
  • Redesign app in optimized version.
  • To be a data saver and also it helps to support play store for the low-end device.

What will ship Android Go device

Android go is an internal name. But the OS partners will ship by Android O. Andriod is not a different case in Google. It has a bunch of presets for Android O devices and it will be shipped with it. OS of Android switched by default. Therefore some google apps will be a bit different to Android O version. Google App Store will optimize for third parties.

Hence by using Android configuration, it will be more helpful to build a device factory. When our Phone storage space is very low Android Go version will give hand for this.

Three Milestones for Android Go

Android go stands for three things,

  • It fully Optimizes Android Go to Run Smoothly on devices.
  • After optimization, automatically it will rebuild many apps in Google. whenever we get new app it should be controlled by users.
  • Finally, Google App has many developers. While optimization Play store will highlight the app turned on to make as a user preference.

Can be Android go installed

Android go device helped to install regular version apps. Hence but people always like to get updated version only.

Finally, we have discussed a lot about What is Android Go and more. Hope this article will help you in all ways.


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