What Colors Make Orange?

If you remember the color theory which was taught in the childhood, you must be aware of that orange is a secondary color. And as we all know that secondary colors are only formed when two primary colors are mixed together. We only have three primary colors, so here we will see that which two primary colors are used for making orange color. But before that, let’s get some more info about the orange color.

What Colors Make Orange? Mixing two primary colors one is the red color and the other one is the yellow color helps in the formation of orange color.

Primary Color Red + Primary Color Yellow = Secondary Color Orange

What is orange color?

The orange color is one of the warmest colors and is being used for different purposes. It represents many things like the color of the sun during the sunrise and the sunset, the color of the fire, even the fruits named orange is also of orange color. It is associated with good health in the form of healthy food. Also, it symbolizes happiness, fun, and joy. It is the color that spreads warmth in the surrounding. Different variations of orange color are used in different places and different forms. Let’s see how to create an orange color using different colors.

Making Orange Color using Primary Colors

Here is how you can make orange using primary colors. To form orange, two primary colors are used. One is the red color and the other one is the yellow color. Mixing these two primary colors helps in the formation of orange color. As the orange is made using two primary colors, so it forms a secondary color that is orange.

Primary Color Red + Primary Color Yellow = Secondary Color Orange

In childhood or in the art class if you have studied the color wheel or color theory, you all would have seen that 3 primary colors help in the formation of 3 secondary colors. One of them is orange, about which you all are reading here.

How to make orange?

Now, as you know which two primary colors make orange, so just read the steps here. But before that, you need all these things for forming orange color: red color paint, yellow color paint, color palette, palette knife, and paintbrush.

  • Using a paintbrush, take some amount of red color and put it in the color palette.
  • Now, using the paintbrush again take equal quantity of yellow color and put it in the color palette.
  • Take the palette knife, and slowly mix the two colors together. Blending them slowly will help you in noticing how the orange color is forming using the two colors.
  • Once, you have mixed red and yellow color together, you will now see the orange color on the color palette.

So, now you know how easy it is to form the orange color. Do not be sad if the orange color formed is not the perfect orange. As different shades form when you mix red and yellow. Because it depends on the shade of red and shade of yellow, that which shade of orange formed.

Like for getting a reddish orange shade, the red color will be in more quantity in comparison to yellow color. It will be like a dark orange. Similarly, if you want to get a yellowish orange shade, more of yellow color will use in comparison to red color. It is a kind of light shade of orange. To achieve a perfect orange shade, you will have to try again and again, and then you may get the perfect orange color.

However, orange is one of those shades, which look perfect no matter it is light or it is dark. But yes, if you have to paint something, you will have to check by mixing red and yellow on the color palette.

Secondary colors forming Orange

If you all are looking for the formation of orange using secondary colors, then we would like to inform you that being a secondary color itself, orange cannot be formed using other secondary colors. However, when we will mix orange with primary colors red and yellow, it will give us tertiary colors.

Tertiary Color Red Orange – It will form when the primary red color is mixed with the secondary orange color. So, it forms a red-orange shade which is a tertiary color. You can also call it a shade of orange.

Tertiary Color Yellow-Orange – In a similar way,  you can make like above red-orange tertiary color, yellow-orange tertiary color also forms. You just have to mix primary color yellow with the secondary color orange, which gives you a tertiary color yellow-orange. Yellow Orange is also one of the shades of orange color only.

In a similar way, by mixing different shades of red, yellow, orange, white, and black, you can form multiple shades of orange. Even if you avoid using black, you can use dark red, that will also help. In case, you want to use black, then make sure, you only use a pinch of black color, else it will destroy orange color shade.

Related Questions

With the help of which color, I can make bright orange?

If you want to make a bright orange, then you should probably use the warm or bright shades of red and yellow. Mixing the bright and warm shades of red and yellow together can help in the formation of bright orange color.

Can I make orange color using oil colors?

Yes, you can make orange color by using red and yellow oil colors. But you will have to check, that which shade of red and yellow oil color will give you orange. As, oil colors have different shade variations, and mixing them together to form a perfect color, is not that easy.

In the color wheel, orange comes in between which two colors?

The color wheel consists of both primary and secondary colors. So, if you look at the color wheel, it goes like red, yellow, and blue for primary colors. And then for the secondary color, it goes like orange, green, and purple. So, as red and yellow can use to form orange color. The orange color will come in between red and yellow on the color wheel.

Which is the complementary color to orange?

If you will see the color wheel, two primary colors use for making orange. They are the red color and yellow color. The third primary color is blue which is just opposite to the secondary color orange on the color wheel. And that is why the complimentary color to orange is blue.

How to get a pale orange shade?

To get a pale orange shade, first of all, you need to mix red with yellow to form an orange. Then you need to add a pinch of black color in it and mix it well. The color formed now will be the pale orange color.

How to form a dull orange?

For forming dull orange, you need to make use of cool red and cool yellow colors. Like lime yellow can also work. Or you can take some dull or dark shades of red and yellow. When they mixed together, they will form a dull orange color.

Which color to add to red and yellow to form a light shade of orange?

Generally, it’s the same color which use with every color to give it a light shade. And that is the white color. So, while forming the orange or while mixing red and yellow together to form orange, you can add white in it. This will help you in getting a light orange shade.

Can brown be formed using orange color?

Yes, you can form brown color using orange color. Take orange color and black color in a color palette. When you will start mixing orange with black, you will start noticing the brown color is forming. Also, to make it dark brown, you can add more of black color to it.

How to form a carrot orange color?

Forming a carrot orange will need some patience and tips. So, you cannot just mix yellow and red to form an orange. You need to take pure yellow so that it can help in giving you orangish look like that of a carrot. Now take more of a yellow and small amount of red, and mix them well. The yellowish-orange shade will form. Once you get this shade, now take a small amount of red again and then slowly blend it with this shade already formed. You will now get a perfect carrot orange shade. It depends on the shade of yellow and red also which you are taking and the quantity of the two.


Now, as you read above how to form orange, so we hope that next time you will not find any difficulty in forming an orange. It formed easily with the help of red and yellow. No matter which shade of orange, you can create all at home easily. As you now know how to create different shades of orange also by just adding more or less color or by taking different shades of yellow and red. You can also make a note of all the shade of orange which formed using different red and yellow shades.

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