What Colors Make Teal?

We all see different colors around us in our day to day life. But have you ever imagined how and from where these color came into existence? Some, of them, are natural which we see in our surrounding every day. But to create these colors is not that easy. Some colors can be formed merely, but to get a few colors, you have to try a lot. Teal is also one of those colors, which is obtained by mixing different colors.

What Colors Make Teal?  To obtain a perfect teal shade, we will need primary color blue, secondary color green, and the white color.

Primary Color Blue + Secondary Color Green + White Color = Teal Color

Making secondary colors from primary colors is easy. But when you have to create a different color altogether, then it takes time. As to get that color perfectly is a task. Here, we will learn how to make teal.

About Teal Color

Teal is a different color and is named after a bird who has the same color stripe on her head. Some people also say Teal as a medium blue-green color. So, by this, you would have got an idea that creating this color will require a blue and green base. But which other colors are needed, that we will read below. Teal color is considered a cool color. It is believed that it helps in bringing calmness and emotional stability in one’s life. Being a cool color, it also helps in releasing stress.

Colors Used in making Teal Color

Before we start telling you which colors are used in making teal. We want to share a few more things about this color. So, like other colors, teal also has variations when it comes to shades. And to obtain those shades, different colors are used. Different people see teal color differently. They all have a different tone in mind when we say teal. In general, if we say, then teal is just a mixture of blue and green. However, for some shades, we will require additive colors.

Different shades of teal can be considered as Blue-green shade, aqua shade, and the dark teal shade.

To obtain a perfect teal shade, we will need primary color blue, secondary color green, and the white color.

Primary Color Blue + Secondary Color Green + White Color = Teal Color

To get more of the blue-green shade of teal, you need to mix blue and green, and no white is required. It will look like a cool color or the one like the color of water.

To get aqua shade, mix bright blue and bright green with white. Aqua shade is quite lighter in comparison to other shades. Also, it is a gorgeous color, which may look like a mint blue or mint green shade.

And when it is about the dark teal shade, you can achieve this shade by mixing blue and green with less white. When you put white in less quantity, it will give the darker shade.

The process to make Teal Color

Here, we are sharing with you, how you can make Teal Color step-wise. Now, as you already know which colors can help in making Teal Color. So, let’s start making teal color, but before that, bring all these things – Blue color paint, green color paint, white color paint, paintbrush, color palette, and palette knife.

  • Firstly, take a blue color and put it on the color palette.
  • Now, take the same amount of green color, and put that also on the color palette.
  • With the help of a palette knife, blend both blue and green color. Make sure that both blue and green are in equal quantity only. Mix it well.
  • Now with the help of paintbrush, take white color and put it on the color palette.
  • Start mixing white color with a mix of blue and green color. If you feel that you need to add white color again, take it and blend it with the blue and green color. Keep doing it until you get the desired teal color.
  • By mixing these three colors properly, you will get the teal color.

Remember, for dark teal; you should add less white as mentioned above. If you want some different shades of teal, then you can try adding blue, green, and white in different quantity. Some people also use yellow to obtain a teal color. But we will suggest that use white only, for the perfect teal color and shades.

Complimentary Color of Teal Color

We cannot just say one color name when it comes to the complementary color of teal. As some people believe that maroon is the additional color of Teal. Whereas, some people think that coral and umber are the colors which are the complementary color for teal color.

Related Questions

What colors are mixed to make teal?

To make the teal color, you need to mix blue, green, and white color.

Start first with mixing blue and green color and then once they are thoroughly blended, then you can add white to them. Mix white well, and you will achieve the perfect teal color.

How to make a teal color using primary colors?

If you want to make Teal Color using Primary colors, so you can do it using primary color blue and yellow along with the white color.

As you all know that to make a teal color, we need blue and green color. And to make green color we can use a blue and yellow color which are primary colors. So, only by mixing these two primary colors that are blue and yellow, first, you can create green. Then you can add more blue tint to it along with the white color to make teal color.

Is teal a secondary color or tertiary color?

No, teal is not a secondary color.

There are only three secondary colors which we can create using the primary color red, yellow, and blue. The three secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. To make teal we need to use both the primary as well as the secondary colors. And teal color does not come among the secondary colors, so it is a tertiary color.

What is the difference between teal color and turquoise color?

Both teal color and turquoise color are made using the combination of blue and green color. But the quantity of blue and green used in both teal color and turquoise color is different. Many people often get confused when they see teal color and turquoise color. Even while making a teal color, people usually end up making a turquoise color. So, here is how you can differentiate between the two. When we say teal color, then it means dark blue-green shade. But when we say turquoise color, it means a light shade of blue-green color. Teal color has more green and blue in it. Whereas, the turquoise color has more blue in it in comparison to the green color. So, remember from next time, if you are going to make teal color then add both green and blue in equal quantity. But while making turquoise color, add blue more and green less for the perfect color.

Which color goes well with Teal?

There is not just one color which we can choose which compliments Teal, but there are many colors that go well with color Teal. It also depends on where and for what purpose you are going to use that color in combination with the teal color. Like for the decoration purpose, we feel that a golden or silver color can go well with the teal color. It will also look great with white color, or you can say more of bright white color. If we look at the color wheel, so the complimentary color for teal is coral. Other than these colors, teal color can also go well with some shades of pink and cream complexion.

Are Teal and Jade similar colors?

Teal color is not exactly similar to the Jade color. But yes, jade also comes in the same family of which the teal color is. However, in Teal color blue is more if we will compare it with Jade as Jade color has less of blue color in it. But it is also made using green color and blue color only.


If you love coloring and teal is the color which you need, then you will not have to worry anymore. As you have now got different shades of teal and the process to create them. From a bird’s head to a canvas, now teal color has made its place in our color collection. Be it about decorating anything or about painting anything; you can now easily create your group of teal. Even if you do not find this color available in the market, you know what you need to do. Just three colors, blue, green, and white, that’s all that you need to create your shade of teal. For those who are wondering whether they can make teal colors out of oil paint or poster colors also, then yes, you can do it. Enjoy this bluish-green shade and create more of it.

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