What Colors Make Purple?

Color is everywhere around us. Still, it does not have a perfect definition. Colors have made the world beautiful. It is just not about the exterior look that is affected by colors but also it gets connected to human behaviour, emotions, etc. Colors have great importance and have been the part of people’s life. We will see the importance of color and will have an in-depth study about it. Does the question arise?

What colors make purple? The simple and common answer to this question is red and blue when mixed in equal proportion makes purple.

Now we will have an in-depth study about it

Colors are of three types:

  1. Primary colors
  2. Secondary color
  3. Tertiary color

First, we will know:

What are the primary colors is?

Primary colors are original colors. They are pure colors. It cannot get prepared by mixing the other two colors. There are three primary colors. It includes:-

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue

What are the secondary colors are?

Secondary colors are the made from mixing two colors primary colors in equal amount. That gets called secondary colors because first we have primary colors for this and in the second step we get this color.

Example of the secondary color is purple.  

What tertiary colors are?

Tertiary colors are the colors which get made from mixing primary colors in different quantity as per the shades we want. Here we can incorporate more than two colors also.

Color has different symbolization. It has different powers. Maybe it symbolizes to human nature, religious section or feelings, etc.

Let us know about the different specification of color.

  1. Black color: black color gives negativity. Though it provides the smart look, on the other hand, it symbolizes as sophisticated, formal, luxurious & sorrowful.
  2. The red color is a symbol of danger, passion, excitement, energy.
  3. The red color is also called the color of love.
  4. The orange color describes the freshness, youthful, creative, and adventurous.
  5. The orange color is considered a religious undertone. Pandits and great people like the site and all use this color for their dress code.
  6. Now come at yellow color. Yellow color has a positive strength for friendship. It symbolizes to optimistic.
  7. The yellow color is a playful color that provides joy and is cheerful.
  8. The green color in its name already has the content for greenery. This color belongs to nature. It describes vitality, prestige & wealth.
  9. The purple color is a royal color. The color of the king. It symbolizes to royalty, majesty, spiritual & mysterious.
  10. The brown color is a description of organic, wholesome, honest & straightforward.
  11. The pink color, color for girls. It is sentimental, romantic. It creates excitement.
  12. The blue color, the color of trust, it contains success specification in it.
  13. Last but not least, the color of peace, white comes. It describes purity, simplicity, innocence & minimalism.

But as we have to discuss for the purple color, have an in-depth study of purple color in detail. What is color purple? What does not describe?

Purple color defines spirituality and is considered a royal color. As it is regal, it is also rare. It is full of passion.

Purple describes the various feelings as follows:-  

  1. Wealth
  2. Extravagance
  3. Creativity
  4. Wisdom
  5. Dignity
  6. Grandeur
  7. Devotion,
  8. Peace
  9. Pride
  10. Mystery
  11. Independence
  12. Magic

Different names of purple color

There are different names of purple color. Or you can say there are different names to shades of purple color. Some of them are:-

  • Evander.
  • Lilac.
  • Mauve.
  • Periwinkle.
  • Plum.
  • Violet.
  • Amethyst.

Color mixing can get done by using two methods. They are:-

  1. Additive
  2. Subtractive

As to make purple color we must know about mixing methods. Let us discuss this method in detail.

  1. Additive method:  Additive color is a technique in which we use three primary colors red, green and blue. In this method light colors are mixed with these three shades and the new color is made.  
  2. Subtractive method: Subtractive color mixing means that one begins with white and ends with black; as one ads color, the result gets darker and tends to black.

What is the difference between additive and subtractive method of making color?

Additive and subtractive methods are the methods in which opposite things happen. Both words are different from each other so the same the process will be.  Additive colors are colors which are “pure” in which colors add up to form white light. … While subtractive colors are “impure.”

Now we will see how we will create different shades for the purple color.

  1. Let us make pinker purple.
    To make this color, you have to follow these steps a — first mix black and white which will result in making grayish lavender color b. Then add more magenta to grayish lavender, and you will get your pinker purple.
  2. Let us make violet color using purple
    For this, you have to add blue or cyan to purple color for making it violet.
  3. Lavender is a light estimation of the tertiary shading red-violet, so it gets made of shades of red and blue. In particular, lavender has more red than blue. It likewise incorporates some white to create the tint.

Related questions:-

What colors do you mix to make dark purple?

Magenta and blue make a dark muddy purple. If you want to create a blackish dark purple add bit black in it. In this way, you can have a dark purple color.

Why can a yellow color not be used to make purple color?

The answer to this question is that in the color wheel yellow color and purple color lies opposite to each other. They are complementary colors.

Is violet and the purple color is the same?

No, violet and purple are two different colors. As Violet is a real color, also called as a spectral color having its wavelength and purple is perceived color made from a mixture of two colors red and blue.

Is indigo more purple or blue?

Now see some calculations for diving indigo in contact with blue and purple.

  • Indigo gets considered as a half violet and half blue.
  • Violet is considered has half blue and half purple.
  • So indigo is one-fourth purple and three- fourth blue.

What does purple color describe your personality?

If your favourite color is purple, it describes you or represents you as the following:-

  1. You are a sensitive person.
  2. You have a good understanding, and you are supportive of others. You think for other first.
  3. You are compassionate.
  4. You are a gentle person as purple defines royalty.

What does purple symbolize in the bible?

The purple color is a combination of red and blue. Red color means flesh and means blue word of god. And when this two combines the combined meaning in the bible is royalty or priesthood.

What shading do you get when you blend blue and red to purple?

First, let us use the combination of blue and purple. Like the color used the name of the resultant color gets made. Yes, it is bluish purple. Yes, but the shade may vary. It depends on the amount of blue pigment used in it.

And also for this, you have to go through the process

  1. You have to make purple color by adding red and blue.
  2. Then you can make bluish purple by adding blue.
  3. Now the second combination comes for red and purple.
  4. This both combines and makes beautiful red-purple color.

For this also you have to go through the same procedure as we did for bluish purple. First, you have to make purple by adding red and blue. And then you can add red to this purple for making red-purple.

What is another combination of getting a purple color other than red and blue?

Cyan and magenta when mixed also form a purple color which is generally a bit bright.


After going through this all we find that purple is a secondary color. It gets made from the mixture of two primary colors red and blue in equal amount. Another combination that makes purple color is cyan and magenta.  There are various shades of purple color, and almost each of them gets a beautiful name. We can also make those colors easily.

Purple is a color with royalty, spirituality, and many other descriptions it has. Purple is a beautiful color. Generally, it is the favourite color of the artist. The exciting thing about purple color is that it is itself a secondary color, but the shades of purple are tertiary. Purple color has diversity. It makes everyone happy as it suits all the people. Purple is one of the beautiful colors in all the shades.

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