What Colors Make Blue Color?

What Colors Make Blue? Ans: By mixing two color Cyan and Magenta make Blue Paint. Color is though not a word to define. Colors make the beautiful world. It is related to human behaviour, emotions, etc. Colors play a vital role in human life. It has been the part of their daily routine. Colors have the power to change or affect our emotions and moods. If we see around us, you will find your life is filling with different colors.

What colors make blue? By mixing Cyan and Magenta, you can make a blue color. [Cyan + Magenta = Blue]

There are three types of colors

  1. Primary colors
  2. Secondary color
  3. Tertiary color

What are the primary colors?

Primary colors are those, which are pure colors with mixtures of two colors cant possible.

There are three primary colors

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

What are secondary colors?

Secondary colors are those, which is made from any two of the three primary colors adding them in equal amounts.

What are tertiary colors?

Tertiary colors are those, which is made from all three primary colors by mixing them as per the shade we want.

Each color has its symbol. Color also plays a vital role in the religious section also. Like black is considered as the negative color of life. As I said, color holds power, and a specification, we will see different strengths of different colors.

  • The red color symbolizes for danger, passion, excitement, energy, love.
  • The orange color symbolizes for fresh, youthful, creative, and adventurous. Pundit type people or people with religious beliefs generally have a dress code of this color
  • Yellow color symbolizes to optimistic, cheerful, playful, happy and for friendship
  • Green color symbolizes for natural, vitality, prestige & wealth
  • The purple color symbolizes to royalty, majesty, spiritual & mysterious
  • Brown color symbolizes to organic, wholesome, honest & straightforward
  • The pink color symbolizes to feminine (hence called girls color), sentimental, romantic & exciting
  • Black color symbolizes to sophisticated, formal, luxurious & sorrowful
  • White color symbolizes to purity, simplicity, innocence & minimalism

What is blue color and What does it symbolize?

Blue is a primary color. Every second person in the world prefers blue color.  Because it has so many different qualities in it. The blue color symbolizes to communicative and provides trustworthy terms, not only this, but it is also calming & on the other hand, it is depressed too.

Hence, many people who want to have big dreams or fly they use the sky to define it. Not only has this but the more prominent companies had their logo with generally blue color. For example, you can see Facebook, Samsung, etc.; they have their logo of blue color also. The blue color is the Swami Vivekananda. Whenever there is an occasion of Swami Vivekananda people play with this color.

When people feel depressor to go deep in emotions, they go either at the corner of the sea or in the ground from where they can only see the clear sky.

There are two methods of mixing colors

  1. Additive
  2. Subtractive

Additive method:

Additive color is a way to create color by mixing some different light colors, with shades of red, green, and blue. It is the most common primary colors used in the additive color system.

Subtractive method:

subtractive color mixing means that one begins with white and ends with black; as one ads color, the result gets darker and tends to black.

What is the difference between additive and subtractive method of making color?

The difference lies in the word additive and subtractive themselves. Additive colors are colors, which are “pure” in which colors add up to form white light. … While subtractive colors are, “impure” you perceive red pigment to be red because it reflects red light and absorbs everything except red light falling on it.

However, when it is about making a blue color, it is difficult to apply any method. As we know, blue is the primary color, and primary colors are created by mixing two colors.  Yes but we can make different shades of blue by mixing two colors. We will see that now.

  • Light blue can be made using aquamarine and white in a ratio where aquamarine will be the double of white.
  • Royal shade can be made using aquamarine and pink
  • Dark blue can be made using two parts of standard blue and one piece of black
  • Gray-blue can be made using blue and brown

Shades of Blue Color

Related questions:-

Why is the color of the sky blue?

There is a light in the atmosphere, which gets scattered in such a way that it makes the sky in earth blue. White light is made up a spectrum of colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Also, as we know each color has a different wavelength. There are various gases in the atmosphere, and this gas absorbs the other colors of light like red, orange, green, yellow, etc. The color that is not consumed by them is blue. Hence, the blue light is reflected. Thus, we find the sky on earth as blue. You will be interested to know that the sky is pink in mars.

Is the sky blue because the sea is blue?

No, it is vice versa. The sea is blue because the sky is blue.

We have seen above only the reason why the sky is blue. Now we will discuss and tell you sea water visible blue. However, the blueness of the atmosphere is reflected in the sea making the sea water blue.

What colors create blue paint?

For making blue paint, we need to mix cyan and magenta. This mixture for creating blue color gets used in many places like when we use a color printer and want a blueprint, the color we get there is from the same mixture only. As we have seen above just blue is the primary color we cannot make it. We can add white or black shade to blue to make it light or dark as per our need. But now in the market, only various shades for blue are readily available.

What colors do you mix to make navy blue?

Navy blue is mixed from a wide variety of colors such as cyan and violet, cyan and a small amount of red, blue and small amount of orange or brown. These are just some examples; there are others too?

what two colors make dark blue?

By Mixing the blue and black makes dark blue. Moreover, for making dark blue, you have so many options. There are several colors you can add to darken the blue.  By adding a little amount of black paint, its cretes blue.

  • Black + Blue = Dark Blue
  • Orange + Blue = Dark Blue
  • Purple + Blue = Dark Blue

what two colors make light blue?

Simply By Mixing Blue and White to make light blue. Make sure you need to add blue to white to lighten the blue. Also, you can make lighter royal blue, greenish blue just adding a small amount of black.

what colors make blue food coloring?

Just Mix Clear, Yellow, Green and Purple to Make Blue Food Coloring.

Clear + Yellow + Green + Purple = Blue Food Coloring

  1. Take Plate
  2. Put a dot of the color Purple on the Plate
  3. Next, Put a dot of the color Yellow on the Plate
  4. After that Put a dot of the color Clear on the Plate
  5. Then Put a dot of the color Green on the Plate
  6. Now let’s mix it together gently

what colors make royal blue?

You need to mix primary blue and purple to make royal blue color. [ Blue + Purple = Royal Blue]

Is there any naturally occurring blue food available in the world?

Blue is a particular color. It is rare in the world. Hence, it is rare in food too. When it comes to food, the meats and starches are generally colorless (beige, white, brown, or that brown-red of red meat).  Vegetables are green in color. Fruits are colorful, but that too is also not blue. Blue fruit or vegetable is scarce.

Blue Foods & Vegetables List (Top 20)

  1. Blueberries
  2. American lobster
  3. Blue Corn
  4. Cabbage
  5. Cornflowers
  6. Borage
  7. Butterfly Blue Pea
  8. Blue Cheese
  9. Pickled Garlic
  10. Bluefoot and Blewit Mushrooms
  11. Starflowers
  12. Indigo Milk Cap
  13. Adirondack Blue potato
  14. Blue Marble Tree
  15. Jamun
  16. Blue Peeps
  17. Blue Carrots
  18. Concord Blue Grapes
  19. Blue Pansy Flower
  20. Lingcod

Is there any naturally occurring blue animal available in the world?

Generally, there is no animal also which is blue. Even the blue whale is not 100% blue. It is also bluish grey. It is the water of the sea that makes the blue whale look blue. You will find rare species in this too in blue.

Is there any naturally occurring blue flower available in the world?

A few flowers use it for the same reason, but again, not many of those, either, and they tend to be pale. Generally, the roses we see are of red, pink or yellow. Blue is very rare in that too.

Is there any strange fact of blue color in the human body?

Yes and that too rare human has it. That is the eyeball. On the other hand, you can say a human with blue eyes. That is also rare. Nevertheless, it looks beautiful.


From all the conversation above we find that blue is a primary color. And hence it cannot be made by making a mixture of two colors. Nevertheless, two colors are the only combination, which can cause a blue color. That is cyan and magenta, which when mixed, they form a blue color. Blue is a particular color. It is rare in the world. No doubt blue colors are spread everywhere in the world in the form of the sky then also we consider it as a rare species. It is rare in every species flower, fruit, animals, foods, jewels etc.

However, it is easy to make shades of blue but challenging to produce a blue color. The blue color symbolizes to communicative, trustworthy, calming & depressed. Hence, many people who want to have big dreams or fly they use the sky to define it.

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