New Features of iOS 11.4 – Next Update of Your iPhone & iPad

New Features of iOS 11.4 – Next Update of Your iPhone & iPad. The new betas of iOS 11.4 and the rest of the operating systems are already among us. But we will focus on the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, which is the most popular and relevant. And, although it does not bring great news this time, it does bring some significant changes. We saw something about it in the betas of iOS 11.3, but it seems to be still in testing. Do not miss all these news that will reach your mobile devices before the summer.

iOS 11.4: profile and complete your iPhone

We are not talking about a great update, as was the arrival of iOS 11 or iOS 11.3. However, we are facing a fine-tuning and improvement of the operating system and its functions. On the one hand, we will see some changes and improvements and for the other solution of errors and greater stability. All this will help the experience on the iPhone and iPad, both new and old, improve slightly. But what is new for users and what will we notice in our day to day?

The new features of iOS 11.4 are the following:

Return Messages synchronization with iCloud. This function is intermittent. At first, we could use it and then remove it to improve it and correct the faults. It seemed like it was going to get in other previous updates, but finally, we did not see it. Now comes back to the light, hopefully, to stay. It will allow us to enjoy the Messages app with a real and effective synchronization between all our devices and equipment.

AirPlay 2 is almost ready. This AirPlay update will allow us to play music from different devices and sound speakers. Something ideal for the HomePod that was announced some time ago and we are still waiting. Everything indicates that iOS 11.4 will be responsible for bringing it to us.

Bug fixes, minimal changes and maybe some more surprises. We are still in the first beta, so other developments may come in the near future. However, I would not expect much. The interesting thing will be presented at the WWDC for iOS 12.

When will iOS 11.4 reach all users?

It is expected to arrive in June or, as soon as possible, at the end of May. Most likely after the WWDC, which already has a date. iOS 11.4 will be compatible with all the devices that are updated today and will be the last significant update to iOS 12. That is why we say that it comes to polish, outline and complete the iPhone and iPad before they arrive more changes and new functions.

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