Can You Use A Phone Without A Sim Card?

Can You Use A Phone Without A Sim Card? Yes, you can use a phone without a SIM card! This is a query asked by many people.  Let me narrate you how you can do the same.

So I lost my Sim Card a few days back when my wallet got stolen. I was trying to change the sim card in my phone, and for the time being, I kept the old Sim card in my wallet. And well, the new Sim Card does not work correctly, and now I am left with no sim card at all! Funny isn’t it?

How to Use a Phone Without Sim Card?

But well, in this whole situation I was wondering what If I use my phone without sim card? I spent half of my day juggling with my phone, and now I can tell you what all features you can use in your phone without a sim card. I am sure; this article will help you understand your phone better. Why, if you ask? Because you will finally explore the dimensions of your phone which do not include calling and messaging!

Speaking of the smartphones, as people are operating their daily routines on that only, you can use many more features other than carrier service on the phone. Be it an android phone or an iPhone; you will not be able to make calls, messages which are directly operated through your carrier service. All other features including apps from the play store can be operated without the sim card.

When it comes to operating your phone without a sim card, you need to understand two dimensions: One is with Wi-Fi and one is without Wi-Fi!

In both cases, you can access multiple applications and features in your phone. In any case, I am sure you won’t feel boredom at all! Let’s look at both the dimensions in detail:

What can you do on online shore?

  • Wi-Fi is the catch!

    One can do almost everything on their phone without a sim card. But yes, the catch here is a Wi-Fi! If you have excellent internet access through Wi-Fi, you can use many different applications in your phone.

    When you are at the initial stage of the setup of your phone, it will ask you to connect to the Wi-Fi to register your Gmail ID (for Android)/ Apple ID (for iPhone). Once the initial set up is done, you will be suggested to browse the web and download different applications that you will need on your daily routine. Let’s understand what in particular you can do in your phone without a Sim Card:

  • Browse the Web

    Whether you are a fan of browsing time’s news or love to explore the horoscope every day, well you have good news! You can do all that without a sim card in your phone. All you need is an excellent Wi-Fi to connect to and bingo! You can browse all day and all night without a carrier service on your phone.

  • Navigate Your Way!

    Well let me tell you one amazing fact, you can start the navigation in your phone without a carrier service. Yes, you read it right! Well I know you must be thinking that when you are on the road, you do not have a Wi-Fi and thus need 4G data from your network to access the navigation. You’ll get the answer to the same at the end of the article.

  • Download Pictures, Music, videos

    And well, since you are browsing through the web using your Wi-Fi, you can also download pictures, videos, and music while in the same range. Sometimes it is fun as there is no sim in the phone so that you can enjoy your ME time with no calls or messages in between. I love the fact that I am enjoying my time by watching amazing documentaries, reading e-books and no one will disturb me at all!

  • Social Media

    Let’s not forget about the social media platform. I mean I can’t live my day without checking my Facebook and Instagram wall. And the good news is that you can do all that without a sim card in your phone. Since you are connected to the Wi-Fi on your phone, just download the application from the app store, and start browsing your favorite people on the social media platform.

  • Download and play games from app/play store

    Well, this is my favorite one! Since I was sitting with my phone and no sim card in it; I was browsing around through a lot of games in the app store and installed some of the classic gaming experience. You can spend your entire day just playing PubG I suppose. And all you need is a Wi-Fi for the same.

    As a matter of fact, there are many games that work on offline mode as well. So if you are planning to catch a metro in the evening, you can entertain yourself with such offline games in your phone. DO not forget to carry your headphone with it for special background effects.

  • Sending/ Receiving Emails

    Honestly, this is a life saver. Let me explain you how! When I lost my old sim card, it was difficult for me to communicate to y director as I was traveling. But I was thankful to my Email application that helped me communicate to my director that I might not be available on the phone call. At least now I know that my work is not getting affected with NO sim card as everything is being communicated on the email itself.

Now I know whether my clients are reverting back on time or not.

  • Web-Based Communication

    Other than whatsapp, you can access other web based communication application like facebook messenger, hangout, Skype and anymore.

    As a matter of fact, many people are crazy about watching videos on YouTube. Well So am I! This whole time I watched amazing series and documentaries on this application without a sim card at all! So if you need a peaceful time with your movies and eBooks, the best way to do so is to remove your sim card and enjoy the ME time!

What can you do on an offline shore?

Now consider a situation where you are traveling back and forth without a wifi and sim card. What can you access now n your phone? If you are carrying a smartphone, which I am pretty sure you are: you can access multiple apps like:

  • Watch offline/ downloaded videos
  • Listen to the music playlist in your library
  • Browse around photos and videos saved in your mobile

And so on…

In my opinion, keep yourself connected to the Wi-Fi and you will not miss a thing! The only thing missing in your life will be calling and messaging people on your phone; otherwise, every other thing is just operated the same way!

Whether it’s an android phone or you are bragging the Apple brand in front of your friends, you can access every other application with no interference of anyone calling you!

So what else do you need? I am sure you are reading this article without a sim card in your phone because you are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

In both cases, you have so much more to explore in your phone. SO let’s started with the same.

Related Questions:

How to use Google maps without sim card network?

Have you tried connecting to the Google maps while you are in Wi-Fi range? I have tried and tested the same. When I lost my sim card, I had to rush to Starbucks which around 5Km from my house. I wasn’t sure about the way, so I switched to Google maps while I was tying a shoelace. And that’s it! My Google map was running the whole time, and I reached my destination. But yes, the routes will not reroute the direction if you lost somewhere in between as there is no network will connect to.

Can you use WhatsApp without a sim card?

The fact is that you cannot access WhatsApp if you never installed a sim card in your phone. At the initial set up of whatsapp, you receive a verification code on the mobile number. For that particular procedure, you need to have a sim card installed in your phone, or maybe in some other device. Once the verification is successful, you can access whatsapp without installing the sim card in your phone.


You can use your phone without sim card, but do you have to?

Well honestly, the best way for smooth operations of your phone is to keep your sim card installed in the phone. At least you sync with the phone calls as well as other activities you pursue. Many people aren’t comfortable switching from a small phone to a new smartphone. In my opinion, you must because your life will make more comfortable and smarter where you can access the entire world with your fingers and does not need a sim card to do the same.

Because your phone is a treasure box which has more than just calling and texting feature, that’s why everyone is switching to this wonderful invention. And why not! I don’t think I will ever change to my regular phone from a smartphone where I can access so many wonders with no sim card!

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