10 Tips to Master in Phone Interview – Last one is very Important

Phone interviews are becoming more common as the first stage in an interview process, so here are 10 tips to help you master in phone interview every time

10 Tips to Master in Phone Interview

1) Take it seriously

Because it is a real interview. Just like an in-person interview, if you don’t impress your interviewer, then you won’t make it to the next stage. So make sure you take it seriously.

2) Do Your Homework

Research the company, industry and job description, and know your resume inside and out so that you can discuss these topics with confidence.

3) Prepare intelligent questions

Most phone interviews will allow time for your questions, so have a list of intelligent questions prepared and readily available.

4) Find a quiet room with no distractions

Avoid places like coffee shops, busy streets and public places where you can easily distract and difficult to hear.

5. charge your phone

Landlines are ideal, but if you must use a mobile phone then make sure it has full battery life and that you’re in an area with strong network coverage.

6. Stand up and smile

You’ll sound and feel more confident during the conversation.

7) Let your voice be your body language

Some studies suggest body language makes up for 90% of the message remaining conveyed, so to help make up for this, vary the tone of your voice to sound upbeat, interested and engaged which is very much important master phone interview.

8) Don’t ramble

You can’t see your interviewers’ nonverbal cues so it can be easy to talk too much. Be aware of this, and keep your answers concise and to the point.

9) Allow Extra Time

Phone interviews often go longer than expected so schedule extra time in your calendar as a buffer to allow for this.

10) Take notes

Take notes of the questions last time asked and comments that stayed made. These can  help you prepare for the following interview better.