20 Tips to Secure Your Laptop and Computers

In our day to day life, Most of the time we are all using computer or Laptops for personal or office works and it may threats our PC or laptops.

20 Tips to Secure Your Laptop and Computers

Let’s look below 20 tips to protect your privacy and relevant data from unauthorized access.

So to Protect from various threats, You can find 20 essential tips here:

1. A most important way to secure your system is to use Strong Password

2. It is a good idea to use a Firewall to protect your computer

3. Always update your software from time to time

4. Shut down Telnet and FTP when not in use

5. You must choose the right level of security to protect your computer

6. Always backup your data after use

7. Never connect to an unauthorized network like a local coffee shop

8. Still, use a UPS to protect both your hardware as well as software

9. Always scan your system 2-3 times a day to keep away from viruses

10. Do not use pirated versions of the software

11. Use a compelling and challenging password.

12. Do not use the same Admin password for your system twice

13. Use Password Manager that stores every password

14. Check Windows firewall

15. Don’t open anonymous emails from your computer

16. Don’t give your system’s information to anyone

17. Always avoid Deals that come up on your computer

18. Never open Malware sites in your network.

19. Make sure you install an excellent Antivirus Software for your computer.

20. Always keep Windows update ON so that it helps to detect the new type of virus.

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